It is New Year's Day of 2016 as I write this. Some real estate agents are getting really giddy right now. December 31st is when a large amount of house listings expire without selling. If you are one of these unfortunate house sellers, be prepared to be inundated with phone calls from agents! Even worse, they might even knock on your door!

Why do agents do this? They are trained to do this by their brokers and real estate coaches (yes weird, some agents have coaches!).  You are considered low hanging fruit. You have already identified yourself as wanting to sell. Your listing expired, so you are now up for grabs and desperate agents are salivating to get your listing. Real estate author and marketer, Ryan Fletcher, calls these type of agents 'Low Information Agents'. They just follow what real estate gurus, brokers, and coaches say, without thinking for themselves or truly trying to help be a protector and adviser for their real estate clients.

Where are they getting your phone number? Well your agent might have included it in the listing (DOH!). There are also free and paid services that agents use to get your phone number. Some even use auto-dialers to dial multiple people at once and pick up on whoever answers first. Are you on the Do Not Call List? Some agents don't even check it and call anyway because they think they know some loop hole around it.

Look what happened to this poor lady in Denver:


Do they sound like a robot when they call you? Its because agents have been taught scripts on what to say to you and handle any objections. They don't have to actually think, they can just memorize or read from a script. If you are like me, I don't give telemarketers the time of day and just hang up on them or don't even answer their calls in the first place.

In a recent Gallop poll, real estate agents ranked towards the bottom of 'Honesty/Ethics in Profession'. Real estate agents are in a negative reputation industry. What ranked even worse than real estate agents? Well telemarketer was one of them. 

I don't claim to be the #1 agent in anything. You know what I am talking about. Agents and brokerages brag about being #1 in Sunday morning newspaper ads and postcards in the mail that most immediately chuck in the garbage.

I try to be a protector for my clients and give them honest, realistic real estate advice. Not advice that only benefits me and my bank account. If its not the right time to list your home, I'll tell you that. One of the reasons why listings expired, is the agent suggested an over inflated list price, just to get your listing. I never do this.

I would like to improve the reputation of agents and I often cringe at some of the tactics my colleagues use. I can only control myself though and my business. Don't fall for the telemarketing agent's tactics, and use a real professional this time, so your house doesn't end up on the expired list again!