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Kevin Hill's Business Religion

Sadly, in the real estate industry, it is commonplace for real estate agents to be incompetent, greedy, and display unethical behaviors. These type of behaviors is what spurred me to switch from being a real estate appraiser to an agent back in 2008. I want to advocate and act as a protector for my clients.


I can only control it on a personal level, but real estate agents have a negative reputation. Real Estate Agents are routinely in top 10 lists of least trustworthy professions, right up there with politicians, telemarketers, lawyers, and used car salesmen.


Even the National Association of Realtors had to admit this when they commissioned a report on the residential real estate industry in the United States called “The Danger Report”.


Their findings revealed that incompetent and unethical real estate agents have had a detrimental impact and have ruined the reputation of real estate agents as a whole. With such a low bar for entry to become an agent, I can’t say that these findings were surprising. Being a full time agent in the trenches, I see it every day.


I cringe when real estate agents aggressively annoy, pursue, make cold calls, knock on doors, lie, cheat, and do whatever it takes to “close the deal” and hit their own personal sales goals. It’s a real life ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ movie.


Did you know most licensed agents never even sell one house all year long? Or others sell 1-2 houses a year? People get their real estate license because they think it’s easy money. Many agents aren’t even dedicated enough to do the profession full time. 90% of new agents quit within the first 12 months.


How can an agent who never sells any houses or very few become competent at their jobs? Can you trust a real estate agent with little or no competency advising you on the biggest purchase of your life?


I have my own business religion that I set comprising of rules and guidelines to run my business in a way that is positive and rewarding.


This business religion gives me meaning that helps enhance my clients’ lives, not just trying to line my own pockets.


These are my core BELIEFS that I never waver from:


1.  I will never act like the “typical” real estate agent. I will always offer advice that best benefits you and not myself. Most agents can’t separate these interests and are only concerned with collecting their commission check. I will exceed expectations and facilitate the sale before and even after you close. I speak to clients regularly who closed with me years ago to answer any questions they have, provide a market update, or recommend contractors to.

2.   I will always advocate and protect my clients. Protection against these unethical agents is paramount. I will always tell you the truth, even if it’s it hard to hear. I will not over value your home just to get the listing, then spend months languishing on the market because you were overpriced.

3.  I don’t simply just want to be another real estate agent. I want to give back to my local community. A portion of my commission check will go to the charity of your choice after closing.



I hope my fellow agents will follow my lead and clean up the real estate industry. Donald Trump says “Let’s Make America Great Again”, well I want to make being a real estate agent great again.


With my business religion, I want to attract clients with the same integrity, honesty, and loyalty.


If you feel like we are a good fit, please call/text me at 201-214-1349 or email me at I do another revolutionary thing, I actually respond back to you in a prompt manner!